We have designed this section to answer the most frequent questions that might come up regarding our service.

Why should I use GetBag Service?
  • COMFORT, do not carry bags. Move lighter getting in and out of the city We handle your luggage and you handle your free time 100%.Mind off your luggage.
  • EFFICIENT, a service designed for smart travelers. By using the service you will experience an easier, less stressful and quicker way to travel. With our prices you can also reduce costs and time to reach the terminal for departure.
  • SAVE & REALIABLE, every bag is securely locked, checked and insured for up to 1.500 €. You will have its GPS location tracked in real time thanks to the advanced technology we use.
  • HELPFUL, we make it really easy for our customers to book, pay and use the service. We like to keep it simple from our pricing policy to our communication by keeping you informed every step of the way.
How can I make a booking?

Book here or if you have any doubt use our chat or contact us, via e-mail, phone or click here to do it online.

When and where will my luggage be delivered?

Your luggage will be delivered to your accommodation in the city (hotel or apartment), to the airport or cruise terminals. Check the meeting points in the airport right here.

Where can I use GetBag Service?

Right now, we’re currently operating only in Barcelona metropolitan area. If you wish to go outside this area please contact us.

When can I use Get Bag Service?

– Baggage transfers: Every day from 8:00 am to 21:00 pm

– Left-Luggage Store: Every day from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm

– Excess Baggage Shipping: Every day from our Left-Luggage stores or on labor days on

other locations.

– Out of this time tables please contact.

How much does it cost?


  • No size or weight restrictions.
  • No amendment or cancellation fees.
  • No credits card fees.
  • GPS real-time tracking.
  • Including 1.500 euros of loss or damage cover per luggage.
How long in advance should I do my booking?

– If you are leaving from your hotel, before 10:00 pm the day before

– If you are leaving from other locations 24 hours in advance

Do I have any restrictions?
  • From pick up time to delivery time should be minimum 3 hours.
  • NO restrictions except for Excess Baggage Shipping.
  • Restrictions for Excess Baggage Shipping are:
  • Maximum weight per bag 50 kg.
  • Maximum dimensions per bag:
  • Width < 80 cm – Height < 60 cm – Long < 200 cm.
  • 2 x Width + 2 x Height + Long < 300 cm
  • No amendment or cancellation fees before 24 hours
  • No credits card fees.
  • GPS real-time tracking.
  • Including uip to 1.500 € of loss or damage cover per luggage.

Airport meeting points

T1 Barcelona Airport

Meeting point outside the terminal, on the bus park area between the two left entrances
(2 right entrances if you go out of the terminal)

T2 Barcelona Airport

T2-B Meeting point under the bridge that joins the Train / Metro station with the terminal, outside on the pedestrian sidewalk.
T2-C For EASY JET flights outside EASY JET terminal on the pedestrian sidewalk.
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